Would You Rather...Be a Ninja or a Pirate?

Posted by Suzanne Lilly
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There's a new game in town, and it seems everyone is playing it from kids in grade school to adults. It's called

Would You Rather?

The premise is simple. You ask someone ridonculus questions such as:

  • Would you rather be a ninja or a pirate?
  • Would you rather have a horn on your head or a giant pimple between your eyes?
  • Would you rather have all your texts made public or have a camera record everything you do?

The students in my class are all about this game, and they take the questions quite seriously. When asked, "Would you rather have a three foot long tongue or have lizard skin," I watched as several girls stretched out their tongues, crossed their eyes, and tried to see how far their tongues can reach right now.

You can play the game in groups. We do it using a strategy I call "one side or the other." People decide on an answer, then rush to one side of the room or the other to show what they would rather. Another way is to have people with one answer stand up and the other answer stay sitting. Small groups of three or four can just share their answers. It always ends up in laughter and fun.

Want to play? Just post your answers in the comments. Have fun!

1. Would you rather
a. Play minor league baseball on an unknown team?
b. Be a world famous, championship winning table tennis star?

2. Would you rather
a. Have your dog eat your birthday cake?
b. Have your dog eat your best friend's birthday cake? (The one you worked all day to bake?)

3. Would you rather
a. Look like Lady Gaga?
b. Look like Jack Nicholson?

4. Would you rather
a. Fall madly in love with the Hunchback of Notre Dame?
b. Fall madly in love with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?

5. Would you rather
a. Be able to read people's minds?
b. Be able to see into the future?

Since I asked you, I'll play too. Here are my answers,

  1. a (This was a tough one, but I play ping-pong worse than baseball, so...)
  2. b (I can't stand to see my friends cry!)
  3. a (At least LG can take off the makeup. I think.)
  4. a (There's something magical about that bell tower.)
  5. b (I don't want to know what people are really thinking!)


  1. Those are so hard! And some of them I wouldn't rather either. I think reading people's minds OR knowing the future would drive me insane. The easiest one - #2 - I'd rather the dog eat my cake than the one I slaved over all day.

    Oh, and I'd totally choose ninja over pirate.

  2. I LOVE this game! Although my questions always tend to veer off in a much more crude direction. lol.

    1. b (because I love Forrest Gump and he made it cool)
    2. b (I don't bake, so if I actually took the time to bake something I would damn well want people to enjoy it)
    3. a (I won't lie. I'm gaga for Gaga)
    4. b (Ooh, threesome . . . sort of)
    5. a (This would probably make me crazy, but I can't help it)

  3. My kids are always asking me questions like this, but off the top of their head, so sometimes they don't make much sense at all.

    1. b. I'm not much on multi-player sports but I wasn't too bad at ping-pong...when I was in the 8th grade- gosh that's telling something..

    2. a. If the dog ate my cake no big deal, but if I'd worked hard to fix it, I wouldn't want my friend to be disappointed.

    3. a. I wish I had her courage to dress any outrageous way I felt like without giving a second thought to what others would think of me. I think she's brave AND beautiful.

    4. a. I'm enough of a split personality ;) A relationship with a man who has his own two-sided emotional issues wouldn't work. Definitely prefer the quiet brooding type.

    5. b. I would rather see the future because being in others heads and hearing their thoughts all the time without the ability to "turn down the volume" would make me batty- but then, my novel characters talk in my head all the time...I don't really have room for more. ;)

  4. Fun way to play on Friday!

    1. a - because less people might see my lack of coordination
    2. a - because I don't need the calories anyway (and I'd rather have a store-bought Mrs. Edwards Key Lime Pie!)
    3. a - if I get to rock the figure, who cares how outrageous I might look!
    4. b - a two for one---Definitely!
    5. a - as long as I can turn it off when I want...then I could be secretly nosy. =)

    I'm totally more Ninja than Pirate -- cuz of the motion-sickness!

  5. 1. B. DUH!! Perks of being famous are totally worth it. I have a poster of the champion ping pong guy on my wall! :-)

    2. A I would then pout and get a new one.

    3. A I want to rock some of those crazy outfits and shoes

    4. B. 3 way all the way LOL I am already a little Jekyll and Hyde so he would fit right in

    5. A. I dislike liars SO much that this would be perfect!!

  6. These comments are so fun! It's interesting how many of us chose Lady Gaga! I would be a pirate with ninja skills. Is that cheating in this game?
    @Vicki You are totally ninja material.
    @Taryn You crack me up about the voices in your head!
    @Julie Forrest Gump was amazing! Thanks for the reminder.
    @Patricia I'm going to have to try a Mrs. Edwards pie now. So long, diet!
    @Heather You have the poster? How cool is that?

  7. Love to play games, so here goes:
    1. a. I love minor league baseball, so this is a no-brainer.
    2. a. I'd probably FEED my dog my birthday cake *LOL* She's spoiled rotten.
    3. a. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I never thought Jack was good looking. Maybe he just isn't my type. Make me look like Lady G, please.
    4. a, definitely! I've already been married to b. and divorced him years ago. ☺
    5. a. I have no desire to know the future, but I could have a lot of fun reading minds.

    So I guess all my answers are A. If this had been a personality quiz, what would that say about me? LOL

  8. I think it would say you're a straight A kind of gal! I loved your answer to #4.