Who Will Win the Battle of Katniss and Bella?

Posted by Suzanne Lilly
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Hunger Games District 12 Seal
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Cover of Twilight, the book
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Certainly I'm going to make some enemies with this post. If you adore Bella Swan, you may want to stop reading now.

You're still here. Okay, but don't say I didn't warn you.

Between The Hunger Games and the Twilight Saga, I've decided Katniss can kick Bella's patootie, any time, any place, and with or without a bow and arrow.

Bella is a wimpy heroine. For years I've been saying I want strong women in books, not tear-prone girls who hang out with guys in sparkly makeup. Edward and Bella's relationship is so incredibly wonko on so many different levels.

My Twilight fan friends hate me when I get started on that soap box.

Young women everywhere now can root for a kicka$$tacular heroine quite capable of defending herself. Thank you Suzanne Collins, (and her publisher, of course.) Katniss doesn't need a vampire or wolf guy to fight off the baddies. Plus, she can be soft when she needs to.

That's right, people. She sings to Prim and Rue, then picks up her weapons and shows the enemy who's boss. I want to learn how to slice an apple with an arrow from fifty yards like Katniss.

Who do you think is better? Katniss from District 12 in Panem? Or do you prefer Bella, from someplace on the West Coast  of the U. S. where it rains alot? (Are those tears on her cheeks or raindrops?)

Krspoof rewrote the lyrics to "Moves Like Jagger" to address this uber-important issue. These two savvy young women donated their fabulous acting skills and created this video. Steven Spielberg, watch out. There's some new talent in town.

Are You More Like Katniss or Bella?

Take this just-for-fun quiz to find out. 
  1. I like to shop for sparkly makeup and give it to my boyfriend.
  2. Forget the makeup. I'm all about sharp, dangerous objects. I don't give them to my boyfriend.
  3. I wait by the phone for my boyfriend to call.
  4. Waiting? Who's waiting? I just go out and have a good time. If he wants to come along for the ride, fine.
  5. I like to play baseball in a forest clearing with my super strong peeps.
  6. Super strong peeps? I outwit, outplay, and outlast them.
  7. I like to drive around in a rusty truck looking like I need help.
  8. I like to ride on a high speed train with people that wear a different hair color every day.
If most of your "yes" answers are odd, you are Bella-esque. Sweet, beautiful, and guys fall all over themselves to protect you.

If most of your "yes" answers are even numbered, you rock the districts with Katniss. More power to you!

Your turn to tell it like it is!

Who is your favorite, Katniss or Bella, and why?

Psst! Don't be afraid to say you like Bella better. Nothing bad will happen if you do.


Stop crying.

You can count on those sparkly vamps to keep me straight. :-)

  • Video entertainment courtesy of Krspoof on Youtube.


  1. Ooh harsh. Poor Bella. LOL. I don't have a favorite since I think each was the right protagonist for their story. And I think girls can relate to different aspects of each of them. There are awesome lessons in all of this, actually.

  2. You're right about them being the right protag for their story. However, I've objected to Bella's helplessness ever since Twilight came out. I wish Bella could be stronger and more self reliant.

  3. Hi Suzanne, I just let my two young stepdaughters read your post, and I am so glad they both chose the even numbered answers! Thanks for the laughs.

  4. Smart girls! I raise my hand in a District salute to your stepdaughters.