There's this new social media outlet that's spreading like wildfire. Here, people have virtual bulletin boards where you can search all over the web and "pin" items you like. For example, a bride may want to have one place where all her wedding ideas are without the paper clutter.

I must admit. I'm a pinner. Friends invited me and I was hooked. So bad, I downloaded the app to my phone and if I'm stuck somewhere without a book *gasps* I pin. I love the site because you can see what your friends like, what they're trying and what works.

My favorite aspects are the food and beverages. I'm a foodie and I love to cook. I also hate to be in a meal rut. With Pinterest, I'm able to try new recipes my friends have tried and comment on them later. Such as, I tried this recipe and omitted this ingredient and it tasted like this.

So, being the thinker I am, I took my pinning a little bit farther and created a Honey Creek board. On it, I share items, recipes and pictures that remind me of HC.

Keep your fingers crossed but I'm hoping this link will work. (I might have mentioned I'm not the most tech/computer savvy person around.) Come check out my Honey Creek Board. If there's something you see and it makes you think of HC, let me know. I've love to add your ideas.


  1. I've been hearing about Pinterest all over the place, even IRL. I was able to see your board and it makes perfect sense now. So many applications for writers. We can pin photos related to each book, about our characters and locations. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have heard much about Pinterest, but also about copyright issues of using pictures without permission. I am not going to join this new sensation though, I am totally uncreative, and I don't need another addiction taking away my reading time. My latest addiction? Scrabble on my phone with friends and total strangers.