My Style is Definitely Not Preppy

After Jen's post on Wednesday, she inspired me to write about style. Some people might say I have none. Whatever they say, I do have definite tastes in fashion.

While I love to look at people in preppy clothes, and I love the outfits on the covers of Ally Carter's books, I wouldn't want to wear those things. If I gave my husband a polo sweater and button down shirt to wear, he'd probably burn them in the fireplace. (When I wasn't looking of course.) Then I'd be searching through the closet asking, "Where's that polo shirt I bought you?" and I'm sure he'd say, "What? I can't hear you! I'm using a power tool!"

Which brings me to my style. I'm a jeans and tshirt kind of gal. Very relaxed and casual. When I'm working I wear dress slacks, a sweater or blouse, and scarves. I do like scarves. My husband is a jeans and tshirt kind of guy. Thankfully, that takes the pressure off me to wear fancy clothes. We dress like the couple in this picture. We even smile like them, too!

When I read Jen's post on Wednesday, I realized my main character has my style too. Mariah Davis likes to wear jeans with a nice blouse. She likes scarves and casual jackets. She loves boots. Her best friend Hayley Bayless is a bit more glitzy. She's the one who checks her gloss in the mirror, makes sure her hair is perfect, and always has a fresh manicure.She reads the latest fashion magazines and does her best to dress the part but still maintain a casual feeling with her clothes. For example, she would love to wear jeans with lots of bling, a casual sweater with a faux fur collar, and the expensive Dita shades Mariah found in my book, Shades of the Future.

The styles Mariah and Hayley wear reflect their lifestyles. They like to picnic and stroll or run at the lake, since Mariah does marathons, play Gauntlet, which requires good running shoes, have get togethers at friends' houses, and hang out at the White Cottage. Hayley likes to dress up a bit at the White Cottage, just in case some good looking guy (Carter or Kyle) happens to stop for a cup of coffee.

Do you have similar taste in style as your friends? What's the same or different about your tastes?

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  1. Like you, I'm not that preppy in my clothing choices. And, now that I think about it, neither are my characters, at least the main ones. Hmmm...interesting :-)

  2. Interesting question. I think my main characters dress like I wish I could, but I only spend money on my kids' clothes, not my own. Nothing fancy, but I do like to have an assortment of "cute" tops to go with my jeans and cords.

  3. It's so true that we tend to spend so much on our kids' clothes that we cut corners on our own. I find it interesting that we reflect our own styles or style's we'd like to have in our MCs. Thanks for the thoughts!