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The best way to learn about Honey Creek, Ohio is to talk to someone who lives there. I've asked my friend Jenny to tell you a little about living in Honey Creek. Jenny?

My name is Jenny Miller Carver. I grew up in Honey Creek and I’ve lived here all my life. I was 14 when the lake went in and by the next summer, I was spending every single day of my summer vacation on that beach. We’d ride our bikes out, (a whole five miles) my friends and me. We lived to spread our old quilts on the sand, lather up with Iodine and baby oil, and bake. Of course, we’d squint a peek at the “cutest lifeguard on the beach” now and then. Greg Carver never gave me the time of day until I turned 16 and lost 15 pounds. But I snagged him, I did, and married that “cutest lifeguard on the beach.”

That was a lot of years ago and things are both the same, and different, in Honey Creek, but I tell you, living here is still wonderful. I want to tell you more about how my story unfolds, and the people of Honey Creek, but I’ll have to leave that for another day....

If you want to describe Honey Creek, you can simply do it by the numbers, and you only have to count to two. Mostly, you can get by if you can just count to one.

For example, Honey Creek has:

• Two gas stations, two churches (one Methodist, one Church of Christ), and two bars (one by the tracks, the other one at the edge of town).
• One stoplight, one restaurant, one school, one post office, one funeral home, one fire station, one grocery store, and one hardware store. Oh, and one pizza place. That’s important. And one railroad track ran through it all.

I’ll just add that at the last census, Honey Creek had 829 people living within its corporation. Most of those people work someplace other than in Honey Creek because as you can see, there are only one or two places for people to work, here. Unless they farm. Lots of people around Honey Creek farm, you know, corn and soybeans and the like, but they don’t live in Honey Creek, they live on the farms.

About the biggest thing to ever happen to Honey Creek, was when the Corp of Engineers came in and dammed up the creek about 1972. Flood control, they said. When that happened, a lot of farm land got taken over by the lake. The old mill outside of town stopped operating full time, too. Now it’s a tourist attraction and just grinds a little corn now and then to sell. The men all complained that the fishin’ in the creek wasn’t as good any more. But, as time went on, things changed.

They started changing when the beach went in. And the boat docks. And the game preserve was designated. And the camping grounds were created. And the lodge and cabins were built.

When town people started to work at Honey Creek State Park, and when lake people started coming in to Honey Creek to buy things, suddenly, the lake was a good thing.


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  1. Mmm storielines? I always love the ones of a second chance at love, especially about some one going back to the small town they came from. Or the ones where the families hate each other for some forgotten reason.
    How about some suspense, with an FBI agent or something?

  2. Hi Aurian,

    Great ideas. I love family feud stories and suspense, too.